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While still questioning why I even decided to share my somewhat novice art to the world, it's always nice to keep a log of how much I improve over time. As of this date, I'm currently not completely sure what Deviant Art has to offer me, but I'll figure that out over time just as I did with Steam. This place does have a very friendly community from what I've heard so far. I just hope I don't run into any "Deviant Art drama" like I do with Wow. I guess I'll just take things slow and step it up a notch as experience is gained over time.  deviantART 

4/4/2014 Ohm... Ohm...  10:51 PM
Fable Pie by TazzyTazool

Damn this cross over with Fable and mlp is pretty sweet, although was a pain in the ass to
relocate this image from the internet.